The international Charity Fund

«Express Kindness»

The sea does not repel by itself or a river. Thomas Fuller

The international Charity Fund «Express Kindness» was created in the year 2004 with the goal of giving help for people, who need it. During the 12 years of work the fund made many significant projects developing Odessa city and Odessa region, in particular the development of cities and village’s infrastructure, support of social, cultural and educational programs, cooperation with veteran unions and organization for people with disabilities, partnership with other charitable organizations. Beside that the Fund renders regularly targeted aid for large families, children’s homes and children with special needs.

The activity of the Charity Fund

Nowadays Charity Fund «Express Kindness» comes to a new phase — we are opening our branches all over the world — in the USA (New York, Miami), Turkey (Istanbul), Canada (Toronto) and United Kingdom (London). We have accreditation in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, as well as in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and today we are working in such lines:

Delivery of the clothing, equipment, medical supplies and humanitarian aid, support in arranging medical treatment for injured, support for families of dead soldiers, support for people who stay in the militarized zone.
Building of lodgings for them, help in rehabilitation and organization of life on their new places.
Cooperation with rehabilitation centers, search of funding sources for prosthetics, medicine and care assistance guarantee for ill people, including support and cure of oncology patients.
Providing both complex and targeted aid for large families, people with disabilities, veterans and others who need it; support of children’s homes, boarding schools and repairs for children.
Aiming the advancement of all-round education for preschool children.
Funding of the education abroad, cooperation with universities all over the world.

At all times rendered assistance in the amount of:

assistance to refugees
help veterans ATO

We know that for giving the good you don’t need much — just to believe in yourself and the will that helps to take on the world. Millions of people in Ukraine need our help and support, and together we can make a lot.



I want to express my gratitude! Not once came to us at the forefront, brought things food.
Guys, thank you for what you have. For your assistance in difficult times!
Bogdan Nechepa
Thank you for support! It gives us strength.
Oksana Burqin County
Do not just visited to us to the front, we tried in every way to support us.
Thank you for support! We love you.
Bogdan Nechepa
Guys, thank you for what you have. For your assistance in difficult times!
Thank you so much, for what you are!
Guys, thank you for what you have. For your assistance in difficult times!
Bogdan Nechepa
Guys, God grant you health and strength in your difficult task!