Who are we?

We are a team working since 2004 to make our world better and more perfect. We are more than 13 completed infrastructure, social, educational and patronage projects in Ukraine. We are a constant targeted assistance for people who need in our care, veterans, pensioners, invalids, soldiers ATO, children from disadvantaged families. We are co-operation to raise money from the largest donor of Ukraine.

But the world around us is changing, and our fund is changing too

Today, our work is centered around four main directions — education, assistance to refugees, aid to veterans ATO and medicine. Also we continue to conduct two large and long-term projects, which can be found on the website in “Projects”. Today, we are creating the good around us, and as a tree spreads its shoots over the world. Our fund is working with cities such as Istanbul, Toronto, New York, Miami, and London. Today we are the fund that is trusted.

With the Best regards, Director of the International Charity Fund «Express Kindness», A. Ternichenko.

To provide effective partnership society, business and government to address the problems of poverty and homelessness in Ukraine.

Employees Fund

Ternichenko Alina
Ternichenko AlinaFoundation director
Oleinik Natalia
Oleinik NataliaDirector of the Center of early development and motherhood «Express Kindness»
Matveichuk Tatiana
Matveichuk TatianaChief Accountant
Edlichko Tatiana
Edlichko TatianaThe head of the volunteer center
Shulzhenko Nadezhda
Shulzhenko NadezhdaVolunteer

Our offices

Ali Sezen Representative in Istanbul

Kucuk bebk Caddesi no 51/8 Bebek / Besiktas-Istambul +90 (212) 465-61-73 +90 (533) 255-22-22 istanbul@darydobro.com.ua

Meng Pasinli Representative in Toronto

Port Marine Terminal No. 51 8 Unwin Ave. Toronto ON MSA 1A1 +1 (416) 471 1914 toronto@darydobro.com.ua

Roman Wexler Representative in New York

International Social Projects Institute 501c(3) 501 East 87th Street suit 16B New York, NY 10128 +1 (718) 809-7774 newyork@darydobro.com.ua

Igor Kulgavtsev Representative in Miami

250 174 TH ST APT 1512 SUNNY ISLES BEACH FL +1 (786) 451-1863 miami@darydobro.com.ua

Nikita Likhachev Representative in London

Sceptre Court 40 Tower Hill, 6th Floor London, EC3N 4DX london@darydobro.com.ua

Tonley Zbigniew Representative in Warsaw

Sceptre Court Husarska, 19 Warsaw, 02489 +48 69 604-02-39 warsaw@darydobro.com.ua

Robert Martin Representative in Germany

Rare Metal Trading GmbH Speckelsteinweg 3 53359 Rheinbach Germany Tel.: +49 (0) 22 26 – 91 27 87 Fax.: +49 (0) 22 26 – 91 27 88 Mob.: +49 (0) 172 – 4 61 21 15 info@raremetaltrading.de

Patrons and partners

Reviews about us and our activities

I want to express my gratitude! Not once came to us at the forefront, brought things food.
Guys, thank you for what you have. For your assistance in difficult times!
Bogdan Nechepa
Thank you for support! It gives us strength.
Oksana Burqin County
Do not just visited to us to the front, we tried in every way to support us.
Thank you for support! We love you.
Bogdan Nechepa
Guys, thank you for what you have. For your assistance in difficult times!
Thank you so much, for what you are!
Guys, thank you for what you have. For your assistance in difficult times!
Bogdan Nechepa
Guys, God grant you health and strength in your difficult task!